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Experience — Penny J. Corbett       

My passion for birds has led to a satisfying career as an aviculturist that has lasted more than 35 years. During that time, I studied ornithology through Cornell University and have been fortunate enough to serve as consultant to the Jackson Zoo in Jackson, Mississippi during the establishment of the zoo's Blue-naped breeding program; co-chair the Pennsylvania Quaker Parakeet Relocation Project; work with the Pennsylvania Game Commission on endangered species issues; work with Federal and State authorities on avian-related issues, and serve as Pennsylvania liaison for the Pennsylvania Model Aviculture Program. I was one of the original organizers and Chairperson of The Society of Parrots and Exhibitors — Parrot Preservation Project. I have held several offices in the local bird club, including President and Chairman of the Board of Directors of that organization.

I have given presentations at conventions, meetings, school seminars, and other events; and I have published widely on a variety of subjects in Bird Talk, Bird Talk Online, Bird Breeder, Bird Breeder Online, Birds USA, American Caged Bird Magazine, AFA's Watchbird, The Bulletin of the Avicultural Society of America, The Brooder (a publication of The Federation of Pennsylvania Aviculturists), Western Pennsylvania Humane Society Newsletter, Bird Bank News, Pet Trade, The Society of Parrot Breeder and Exhibitor's Journal, and club newsletters across the country. I have also written articles for Pet Product News, a retail publication for pet shops, was a Contributing Editor for Budgie Magazine, and serve on the Advisory Board for a national garden magazine and as adviser on the development of a new line of cages for one of the current cage manufacturers.

The professional organizations of which I am a member include the American Federation of Aviculture (AFA) and The Society of Parrot Breeders and Exhibitors (SPBE).

If you are interested in joining the SPBE, click on one of the following links for a membership form:

SPBE Application Form (PDF)

I have also served as Judge of American Budgies and Pet Birds in the Ohio, Pennsylvania, and New York areas; and I teach a small business course and conduct small business workshops for Carlow College's community education program in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.

I have received numerous awards for my own birds, as well as several breeding awards, including The Society of Parrot Breeders and Exhibitors Breeding Academy Award, The American Federation of Aviculture Silver Avy Award, and a Citation from the Pennsylvania House of Representatives.

For some time, I have been working as an avian consultant, helping clients with general care and nutrition, breeding, behavior, and guidance on choosing the right species for either a companion or a new addition to a breeding program. I also design, manufacture, and distribute an extensive line of bird toys.

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