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Hahn's Macaw looking out of the nest hole


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The combination of my experience and my passion for birds enables me to raise well-socialized, loving, yet independent hand-fed babies that can become lifetime members of families or breeding stock. The chicks I raise are the result of careful breeding, proper nutrition, and exercise within a totally closed aviary. I can help guide you to choose a bird that is right for you and your lifestyle.

Baby birds from these species are offered for sale as available:

  • umbrella cockatoo
  • lesser sulphur-crested cockatoo
  • Hahn's (mini) macaw
  • Timneh African grey parrot
  • African red-bellied parrot
  • blue-headed Pionus
  • bronze-winged Pionus
  • white-fronted Amazon
  • budgies
  • parakeet
  • cockatiels

Most species have been bred here for several generations. Many birds have not only their parents here but their grandparents and great-grandparents. Experience of several generations in a species may provide you with some insight into a particular species.

    Those who choose a bird from will be e-mailed photos regularly to update them on the baby's progress when possible. Each baby is sent home with written instructions and guidelines for continuing proper care and nutrition in its new home. A free consultation after the baby has been in the home for 3 months is included.


Babies Available Now!

African red-bellied parrot

Would you like to be on our waiting list? Things change daily in the aviary. Click here to e-mail us your request, and we will contact you when the baby of your choice becomes available!

Ordering and Payment Information

Note that Paypal payment convenience is only offered for toys and supplies. We are not able to accept payments via Paypal for birds or for downpayments on babies.


Questions about this web site should be directed to or (412) 487-1543.